Away From School - Helpful Resources

While our students are away from school due to COVID-19 concerns, no school work will be required or directly provided, but we have gathered together some digital resources for students and parents to look over and utilize at your convenience.  We hope that some of these resources will provide an enjoyable way to learn while we are away from the classroom.
To access these helpful resources, your student will use their Google account to log in to  All the resources will be present on the first page under the heading "Away from School - Helpful Resources."  If you experience any trouble accessing these, you can contact Rob Hullett at or Abbey Thomas at

If you cannot access Clever, a list of available resources can also be found here

***The PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next resources require a username and password.*** 
Username: avl
Password: avl

Resources for gifted students and other extensions to lessons may be found here.

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